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Imperial Trans:
kings of the road

We are Imperial, because we want to offer our Customers an imperial standard of service and cooperation.
And our drivers, too!

We achieve this by holding on to the five rules that are most important to us:


Who cooperates with Imperial, is satisfied. Simple! It is the satisfaction of business partners from all Europe that brings us orders and business.


Everything we do is there to build the image of a company that you can always rely on. We treat every order with the same professionalism.

Adherence to deadlines

In our industry – time is money. Literally. Adherence to deadlines, to us, is a form of showing respect for the customer and their company.

Good communication

A discussion is the basis for good cooperation. We always carefully listen to our customers, and then deliver exactly what they need.

Top quality

Reliability is never imitated nor replaced. After just a few routes you will know that Imperial is your partner for years.

We enter the market with a roar, with a professional competence certificate and two standard and jumbo tractors.
First gear, let’s go!

We move on to the heavy weight – we purchase two megatrailers for large-volume loads.
Regular transports for the automotive industry.

Continued development and scale expansion: two subsequent megatrailer bodies, routes to Germany, Austria, Italy, and many types of cargo (tyres, steel, packaged food, appliances, entertainment systems, etc.). In this year we also started to carry seats for Jaguar and Rolls-Royce (fixed PL-UK route).

Breakthrough – Imperial Trans is created.
The entire experience, contacts and competences are provided with a new brand, thoroughly specialising in the automotive industry.

A great fleet of modern trucks, experience in work for the automotive industry, cooperation with Europe’s largest car manufacturers and factories – and we believe that this is still just the beginning of Imperial Trans, a brand with a stunning histories and a great future that we are just now creating.

We have achieved a lot, but all with Customer advantages in mind. We develop to provide even better service. To deliver what is needed, where it is needed, and when.

Would you like such a team to work for you?

Let’s talk about this. Our time, competences, people and equipment are at your disposal.